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Club Governance

Ni Ten Judo Club is a registered non-profit society in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Our Board of Directors is composed of an elected Executive Team, Head Instructor and volunteer Directors.

The Board of Directors is lead by the Executive Team.

To connect please email

meet the Executive


Stephen has been with Ni Ten Judo since the 1990s when he represented our club often at interprovincial tournaments. He is a Black Belt in Judo and is the current President of our Club.



Jen's kids joined Ni Ten Judo in 2019. Soon she was volunteering in various roles. She has since become a Yellow Belt in Judo adult classes and is the current Vice President of our Club.





Jodi's kids joined Ni Ten Judo in 2018. Soon after, she joined the board and continues to be our current Treasurer. She has also done double duty as our Casino Chair.



Carla had 1 kid join Ni Ten Judo in 2020, and another joined in 2021. She increasingly found ways to volunteer for the club. Now we are happy to have her join the executive team as our current Secretary.




We are currently seeking volunteers for board positions and other volunteer positions. To connect please email

Board Directors



Works closely with Treasurer with all aspects of planning and preparing for Casino Date



Works closely with VP and Head Coach to coordinate and plan travel for tournaments



Works closely with Secretary to ensure new members have access to information

Public Relation


Works with VP to promote visibilty in community by planning club gear



Works closely with VP and Head Coach to handle any needs of the classes

Parent Rep - 

Little Ninja

Collects parent feedback during Little Ninja class and informs the Exec Team

Parent Rep -

White Belt

Collects parent feedback during White Belt class and informs the Exec Team

Parent Rep - 

Colour Belt

Collects parent feedback during Colour Belt class and informs the Exec Team

Volunteer Training

We want our volunteers to be supported and knowledgeable. Below we have collected a few resources for our volunteers to follow their interests.

Nov 9 Board: Risk Management

Nov 15 Restructuring Non-Profit

Nov 16 Communication/Meeting

Nov 17 Cybersecurity for Boards

Nov 23 Reimagining Non Profit

Nov 30 Building Strong Team

Dec 1 Grant Writing 101

Board Leadership Calgary

Nov 19 Fund Development

Dec 3 Strategic Thinking and Planning

A wide variety of topics are covered in past recordings of webinars through Volunteer Canada

Gaming Info For Charitable Groups (G.A.I.N.)

Government of Alberta



Nov 7 Use of Proceeds Sec 1

Nov 8 Raffles

Nov 9 Use of Proceeds Sec 2

Nov 14 Financial Reporting

Nov 17 Casino Info

Nov 21 Raffles: 50/50 Explained

Nov 23 Use of Proceeds Forms

Nov 29 Ask Us! Q&A live

Nov 30 Use of Proceeds Sec 1

Dec 1 Use of Proceeds Sec 2

Dec 5 Casino Info

Dec 7 Raffles

Dec 8 Financial Reporting

Dec 12 The Basics

Dec 14 Raffles: 50/50 Explained

GAIN also has online training courses for free when you sign-in.

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