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Age: 31 Born: Jan 1st 1989
Hometown: Saint John, NB
Home Club: Shimpokai Judo club

Height: 5'11

Competitive Weight: -60kg, -66kg, -73kg

Years in Judo: 20




Level 2 NCCP Nationally Certified Coach

Years in Judo ~ 20 yrs

Judo CA Sandan, 3rd Degree Judo Black Belt


10x Provincial Champion

Provincial Open Weight Champion

5x Atlantic & Eastern Canadian Champion

2x Francophone & Canada Games Provincial Team Member

2x Medalist Pedro's Judo Challenge, Boston MA (Senior)

Super Cup QC - Bronze (Senior)

2x Medalist Coupe Claude Berthelette, QC (Senior)



"Medals will come and go, but at the end of the day it is the road trips, the laughs, the training, the memories and experiences that truly matter. When it is all said and done my greatest judo memory and achievement will be passing on my knowledge and creating opportunity for the next generation of Judoka. Changing lives will ALWAYS trump personal ambition. I just want to give to these children what Judo has given to me."

What do you enjoy the most about Judo?

I love the lifestyle that Judo provides me and my members. I enjoy watching my students grow with each class. I love travelling with my members and having them be part of the Judo world, knowing that with enough work and a bit of luck, they can achieve great things. Moving onto the national scene would be amazing and an entirely new challenge.

What is your fondest Judo moment?

This is a tough one. My Canada Games experience is a great memory for me. Much like being at Shidokan for the first time, this was an event that opened my eyes to the possibilities of Judo and only motivated me to work harder.

Who is your favourite Judoka/Judo Player and why?

I would say my favourite Judoka would be my former coaches, teammates and current club members. If we are talking about favourite players to watch, one Judoka that really stood out to me was Sergio Pessoa Jr. I had never seen anyone throw like this and with such consistency. It was truly impressive. JP Cantin is another Judoka that has always inspired me. His work ethic and passion for judo are top-notch and played a major role in my development.

Who is the person you have always hated to do randori with? And why?

I remember being in Brazil with our provincial team and doing randori with the local Brazilian Judoka. They were so fast and had a unique ability to get themselves under your legs before you knew what was happening.

What is the most important advice your Sensei ever gave you?

My coach had recommended I go to Montreal where the Olympic training camp was for the upcoming Beijing Olympic Games. This was my first experience being around Judo at this level. These Judokas were on the poster at my Club and next thing you know I’m being thrown around by them. What a rush!

If you could be the 16-year old Judoka again and coach yourself, what would be the one piece of advice you would give yourself?

I would have told myself to clean up the diet and make running or swimming part of my regular training routine. I was a hard worker but poor eating habits and not always having a solid baseline of cardio can make for unpredictable performance.

What are your future goals?

I love this question. I have so many. I would love to see the Club develop national level Judoka within the next few years.

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