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Little Ninjas

Age 4•6

Introduction to the Martial Art of Judo for ages 4-6. Body awareness and diverse exercises help prepare Little Ninjas for White Belt Junior Class.

white belt jr

Age 7•15

Introduction to the Martial Art of Judo for ages 7 and up. Fundamentals of Judo are taught with a greater focus on physical awareness and ability. Students in this class have potential to be "graded" to a half-yellow belt to remain in White Belt Junior Class or full-yellow belt to proceed into the Colour Belt Junior Class.

colour belt jr

Age 7•15

Judoka that have full yellow belt or higher for ages 7 and up. Focus on the skills and techniques of Judo to progress through the belt levels. Judoka with belt yellow or higher may choose to travel for competition at Judo Tournaments around Alberta. Students with colour belts attend this class until they reach the age to proceed into the Teen/Adult Class.


Age 16•99

All skill levels are welcome, ages 16 and up! You might be brand new to Judo, looking to learn a new skill or get some great exercise. If you are a seasoned Judoka you may want to work towards your next belt level, train for a competition, or support the group and enjoy time on the mat. Join this friendly and hard-working group to work at your pace to improve your physical fitness and meet new people! Judoka in this class have potential to be "graded" through the belt levels.


Age 12•99

Our Women's Only class is temporarily unavailbe and will be offered in the 2023/2024 based on demand and schedule.

Ages 12 and up to encourage mother/daughter attendance! If you are looking for an all female class or interested in learning new skills this weekly class is for you! Learn Judo techniques that will improve your balance and coordination allowing for better self-defence. Get a great total-body workout while having fun and meeting other like-minded women. If you discover a passion for Judo, you can work through the belt levels.

Little Ninjas
White Belt Jr
Colour Belt Jr
Teen Adult
Women Only
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