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I want to know what your


Do you want a TOUGH physical workout? Are you looking to build CONFIDENCE in your child so that they walk down the hall with their head up? Do you need to test your SKILLS at a club or competition level? Do you want to SHRED those pounds off? Perhaps you are just hoping to BUILD yourself a solid base and make friends and go on Judo adventures?

How about



Whatever your goals and ambitions are

we are here to help you achieve them


At the end of the day, if you're happy,

what more can you ask for, right?

Judo is not easy.

As my coach use to say "this isn't ping pong"!


All of these things sound great and we all want these things. Often we are told "as long as we try our best and work hard we will be successful" and this is mostly true. The part that is often left out ~ and most important to me as a coach ~ is that in Martial Arts, the journey is not always easy! You will learn more from failure than success. You will have great days and you will have bad days. You will get bumps and bruises. You will lose more than you win once you start Judo. Once you realize this and accept it you will be successful and this is my promise.

However, like everything in life, anything worth having is worth fighting for. Progress for everyone will be different. Not everyone will be an Olympic Champion and that is okay so don't stress out...  but I PROMISE YOU that if you work hard, trust your coach and be consistent you will find exactly what you are looking for none the less!

After the wildfire I made it my mission to put Ni-Ten back on the map and give it the light it once had. Since then we have flourished to almost 160 Judoka in Fort McMurray! We now offer classes for all ages 4 years and up. We also provide Judo camps, private Judo sessions, even travel and competition opportunities for those who work hard and want to thrive!

As head coach it is my mission to

build strong children & Martial Artists,

create opportunity and most importantly

give back to the Martial Art

that has given me everything.

See you at Judo!

Sensei Josh


Head Instructor

meet the staff

  • Level 2 NCCP Nationally Certified Coach

  • Years in Judo ~ 20 yrs

  • Judo CA Sandan, 3rd Degree Judo Black Belt

Competitive Results And Achievements

  • 10x Provincial Champion

  • Provincial Open Weight Champion

  • 5x Atlantic & Eastern Canadian Champion

  • 2x Francophone & Canada Games Provincial Team Member

  • 2x Medalist Pedros Judo Challenge Boston MA (Senior)

  • Super Cup QC - Bronze (Senior)

  • 2x Medalist Coupe Claude Berthelette QC (Senior)


506-262-0423 |

Located at Thickwood Heights School Gym

96 Silin Forest Rd, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3A1

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